Monday, May 31, 2010

I can't stop partying!!!

I keep trying to figure out my life, but stuff keeps getting in the way. At least I'm soaking it up. This is great.

Lyric of the Day:
"So many suitors, i don't even have a suit to wear
So many influential fingers running through your hair
I am the razor in the hands of your heart
And i am the razor in the hands of god"
-Head Automatica:"The Razor"

Random Story of The Day:
Drunken Battle for the House Cup goes to Gryffindor.

Note to Future Self: Steak Sundays? Make it so.


CapnHobbes said...

Lol @ story of the day.

Your blog's timeline confuses me. This thing's dated May 31st =P

Big D said...

Yeah, since my entries have 4 parts, I sometimes drop off a good story, or wait until I find a lyric I like. I was gonna give you some BS about how time-space is relative to the speed that someone is moving, but I realized that would make you the person going superfast, not me.