Monday, June 21, 2010

College Mix CD (Yeah, I'm lame)

So here is something I almost forgot to do, my necessary mix CD. Enjoy :D


Somebody's Baby - Songs played in your room on repeat grow on you :P
On the Arrow - Oh Ryan. You and AFI.
Vertigo - Discovering TSA while seeing Tiger Army
We Didn't Start the Fire - Connor WOWing across the hall.
Danger! High Voltage - Yike, the dancer.
Tere Layee - Getting brown people music from ET :D
Frera - Sometimes you get good things out of crap.
No It Isn't - Helped me through the rough times.
The G.O.D. - Playing Madden with Silby.
Don't Trust Me - Playing Tennis with Silby and the twins.
Audrey, Start The Revolution! - Erik and Anberlin.
Au Revoir - Sorry, French title & J-Rock. Its La TuQuynh.
How We Do - One of our fave couples.
Take It Away - Concert with Lan. Oh God.
I Constantly Thank God For Esteban - Pratiksha and Nestor. The Engineer Car!
Kids - Controls Final was priceless. Yay to As!
Please Take Me Home - Sometimes its all you can ask.
Gettin' Over You - The End Complete.

Believe Me Natalie
Everything You Want
I've Just Seen a Face

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