Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Achilles Last Stand

Things are seriously winding up. Today was the last day of classes during my undergraduate education. I feel like this kind of hit me. Maybe it was my confused scurrying about for an advisor or the fact that I still am not sure about the future, but something caused me to overlook how final this all was.

You take for granted all the things that you have here. A gym whenever you want. The ability to skip classes on a whim. Bumping into your friends when you decide to get lunch. In the words of the Kings of Leon, "Never gonna get it like it used to be".

My hope is that I remember most of what I have done, and that it doesn't fade into a sad type of obscurity. I also need to think of what my real-life blog will be.

And to figure out what I'm doing in real-life.

Lyric of the Day:
"If this isn't love (This isn't love)
this is the closest I've ever been
Do you think we have a chance tonight?
as streetlights sing on Audrey's song"
-Anberlin:"Audrey, Start the Revolution!"

Random Story of The Day:
A friend of mine was hit on at the library during study week. Who does that?

Another friend of mine took over a study lounge for 25 hours and counting. Madness is descending.

Note to Future Self: Moving forward means giving up a little piece of yourself.


CapnHobbes said...

The gym especially is something my mom keeps ribbing me about. I'm going to miss lunches and random coffee breaks together.

My blog needs a renewal in purpose. Though it's questionable whether it ever had one.

Big D said...

Yeah, I'[m glad I'm ending this one soon, I don't think I kept it up as much as I wanted when I first started it lol